Single Storey Kitchen Extension Camden

Are you in need of a bigger house but cannot afford to move? Well, we have a solution! Here at Firtree Building Services, we offer extensions and loft conversions. That way, you can increase the size of your home without having to move! If you want a single storey kitchen extension, Camden residents should give us a call on 08002 707 764.


A First-Class Camden Single Storey Kitchen Extension Service

As your children get older, your home can suddenly feel cramped and small. For some families, they feel as though the only solution is to move to a bigger property, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We can save you the hassle and money of relocating by offering a single storey kitchen extension. In Camden, we have worked on many properties, and you can add yours to the list.

We have a team of dedicated professionals that have the skills and talent to transform homes in and around London. Whether you require a single storey kitchen extension, Camden residents, or you would prefer a double storey extension, we can help. Our experts can take care of the entire project, from start to finish.

When it comes to design, you can trust our professionals to create a space that reflects your personal taste. If you hire us to complete a Camden single storey kitchen extension, then we can pick out materials that match your home decor. Alternatively, if you want a vibrant look that stands out from your original design, then we can accommodate.

Opting for a single storey kitchen extension in Camden requires plenty of thought as it is a major investment. However, by choosing Firtree Building Services, our team can eliminate any stress because we take charge of everything. From architectural planning and structural calculations to the build phase and building control sign off, we do it all.


The Benefits of a Home Extension

Camden Single Storey Kitchen ExtensionThere are so many advantages to having a single storey extension, Camden residents. These are the aspects that you should be considering before going ahead with this project. If you need any advice from our experts here at Firtree Building Services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can go through the various benefits you’ll receive for having an extension. They include the following:

  • More Space
  • Property Value Increase
  • New Design Opportunities
  • Save Money
  • And More!

Our team are very experienced when it comes to home extensions, so there is no reason for you to consider any other company for a single storey kitchen extension. Camden properties are already in the higher price bracket, but we can up your value thanks to our skills and expertise.



Why Choose Us to Build Your Single Storey Kitchen Extension, Camden Residents?

Here at Firtree Building Services, we have worked hard over the years to establish a strong reputation in the industry. Thanks to our fantastic services, we have built up a satisfied client base, many of whom have stayed loyal and come to us for their building services. If you would like to add yourself to this list, then get in touch to discuss how we can build a single storey kitchen extension in Camden.

We offer a full and comprehensive service. Initially, we will provide you with a free quote for a single storey kitchen extension, Camden residents. There is no obligation for you to go ahead with the project, but you won’t find another company that betters the quality of work that we do.

As a company, we work flexibly, as we can take full responsibility for your project, or we can work with an architect you’ve already hired. Our team are also happy to complete your single storey kitchen extension, Camden residents, alongside your structural engineer or designer.


Get in Touch

To receive a quote on a single storey kitchen extension, Camden residents should give us a call on 08002 707 764. Alternatively, send an email to or fill in our online form.