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Is your home starting to feel cramped and short on usable space? Are you looking for a smart way to add value to your property? If so, then Firtree Building Services can offer you a solution in the form of a roof conversion. London homeowners can add rooms to their house without using any further space on the ground level of their property, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice precious outdoor space. To find out more, call 0800 270 7764 today.

A High Quality Roof Conversion London Homeowners Will Love

As many homeowners know, a property’s attic often becomes little more than a space to store unused items, meaning that a vast area of your house is being critically under-utilised. This may not seem like a problem until your family expands and usable space becomes more of a premium, leading many families to consider moving to a bigger property. However, a far cheaper and more sustainable option would be to consider a roof conversion. London residents will know that property costs and the associated charges of moving home preclude a lot of families and individuals from upsizing. However, with a loft conversion, homeowners can eliminate many of these problems.

By choosing to add a loft conversion, London property owners can give their homes another room – or perhaps even multiple rooms – without using more space. This is important because it can eliminate lengthy and odious planning issues as, more often than not, you don’t need planning permission to undertake a roof conversion. Customers can instead add an extra bedroom or two, and perhaps a shower room or en-suite, with a minimal amount of hassle. At Firtree Building Services, we can complete most of our conversions in around 6 to 7 weeks, meaning that you do not have to uproot family life to make the most of your home.

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    For an average roof conversion in London, residents will pay around £30,000 to £40,000, but doing so can greatly increase a property’s value by adding up to two bedrooms. A loft conversion can turn a 2-bed property into a 3 or 4-bed, making it much more desirable, and easier to sell in London where space is at a premium. It also avoids the hassle of uprooting a young family into a new property and means you don’t have to worry at this stage about matters such as stamp duty. Instead, with a loft conversion, you can simply invest in the property you have.

    Roof Conversion London

    What’s more, when working with Firtree Building Services, you can be assured that the build quality will be second to none, meaning there will be no hidden future costs or issues. Rather, you will be guaranteeing yourself a building project that will stand the test of time and will give you instant value for money.

    As you can see, the advantages of a roof conversion, London residents, are numerous, and include:

    • Better Value for Money
    • Makes Use of Existing Space
    • Can Add Value to Your Property
    • Does Not Usually Require Planning Permission
    • Can be Completed in Only 6 or 7 Weeks

    Why Choose Firtree Building Services for a Loft Conversion London Customers Can Trust?

    Firtree Building Services are a top choice for anyone considering a roof conversion in London. We can use our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best solutions to the problems faced by growing families when it comes to lack of space. We are an established building company with a wealth of experience in providing home extensions and loft conversions for domestic customers. We have a team of highly qualified architects and builders, and our level of finish speaks for itself.

    When working with us to build a roof conversion, London homeowners will be supplied with the best expertise and the highest quality materials. We will identify products which match the look of your existing home seamlessly. Or, if you prefer, we’re happy to design a whole new style.

    At Firtree Building Services, we are experts in collaborating with other contractors such as architects and engineers to provide the final product our customers desire, working with minimal hassle to you. However, we also have a team that can take care of the whole project from start to finish. We can complete the architectural planning and structural calculations, as well as the build phase and final sign off with all required certificates.

    At Firtree Building Services, we have the knowledge to get the job done to a high level of finish that sets our work apart from the rest! We are the only team you need to call for a loft conversion, London residents.

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    To discover all you need to know about getting a roof conversion, London customers are encouraged to speak to our friendly team. We are always happy to provide help and advice, whether you are simply making an enquiry, or have already decided that a loft conversion is the choice for you. When looking for a quote, call us on 0800 270 7764.