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Most Reliable Loft Extension Builders London Can Offer 

If you have been on the lookout for builders in London who can build high-quality loft conversions, Firtree Builders is the company for you. We are locally well-known for our high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective services. Do not put off your dream of a loft conversion any longer. You can now get in contact with one of our staff members and we’ll work together to find the best solution for your home.  

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Many properties have tremendous potential that is largely undiscovered. This is a real waste because it might easily be utilised for loft conversions that will give your home a fresh start. If you’re one of the people who uses their loft to store Christmas decorations and other unneeded things, you’re likely missing out on a fantastic opportunity to give your home a new perspective by maximizing its hidden areas. 

One extra reason to choose one of our loft conversion services is the fact that they are sure to increase the value of your home. If you hire a highly qualified business like Firtree Builders to complete your job, you can rest assured that the cost will be more than compensated by the increased value our loft conversions offer. We were even able to fit two bedrooms and a shower room into a loft area that was previously simply unused during one of our previous successful projects. 

Why You Need a Loft Extension

A lot of house owners develop the feeling that their once spacious property has become too tight and uncomfortable. The reasons vary, a house may start to feel tight after the increase of family members or even after hoarding many possessions over the years. 

When one initially has these thought ideations, their mind immediately goes to investing in a bigger property, and this option can be very expensive. Here at Firtree Building Services in London, we have the perfect solution for such cases, and we are happy to offer you the best loft conversions you can find in all of London. 

Investing in a loft conversion is a key to keeping your beloved house yours while obtaining more space for your living quarters. Our London loft conversion service offers you the chance to save money while adding more value to your property.  

In addition, the loft conversion types we provide vary, as we can offer you many types of loft conversions despite the different requirements, space, and shapes you ask for. Our loft conversion company experts have any request of yours available and ready for construction.  

Loft Conversion Enfield

Our loft conversion company is ready to increase the area of any space inside your property whether bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, which may be needed for a growing family. With the help of our loft conversion company here in London, you can now even build a home office for yourself. 

Some people have spare loft spaces inside their house, yet they choose to use them as storage rooms for items they do not use much. This comes up as wasteful of space, since this loft can be used as an extra room for so much more than just unused storage. A loft conversion adds an extra room or rooms for you to utilise with full freedom and with an abundance of options. 

A loft conversion would be a very wise investment decision for you to make since it grants you extra space with less than what buying a new house would cost you. You can now invest in the same house you live in instead of spending thousands on moving expenses and fees. Your home will be a better place for you and your family to live in after a loft conversion construction process. 

A loft conversion will cost you approximately £30,000 to £40,000, and will give you more rooms so you could upgrade from having a 2 or 3 bedroom home to having a 4 or 5 bedroom home. A loft conversion in London will increase the value of your home in case you ever decide on selling it to move out. 

Investing in a loft conversion to increase the space of your home has another benefit which is that it does not require planning permission by any means. A planning permission takes time in most cases, and this can often delay your plan. So, you can save time by giving your current home a loft conversion and building new spaces in your home the way you like them, and with no time restrictions. 

Step by Step Process of Our Loft Extension Process 

Here at Firtree Building Services, we offer our clients a comprehensive service for a better experience. The moment you decide on starting your loft conversion and begin to build, you can rest assured that our team will offer you a reliable and professional service from the very beginning till the very end of the construction process. 

The first thing we do is sit down with you and discuss the way you would prefer everything to be set in detailed requirements while carrying out a survey for your dream loft conversion. Then, we can start to give you advice on how and which loft conversion would suit your requirements best. 

Our loft conversion experts will make sure that we take full care of the construction from start to finish, in order to make sure that you receive your dream loft conversion. We can even apply the planning permission on your behalf if you request so, in order to save you time and effort. 

The architectural planning and structural calculations are all under our control. Our team will not only carry out the build phase in a professional standard, as they will also handle the final building control sign off when it is complete and done, providing you with any necessary certificates. 

How Long Does It Take to Build a Loft Extension in London? 

At Firtree building services, we like to work quickly and efficiently. Our loft conversion experts will complete and finalize your loft conversion construction within 6-7 days in case you do not require a planning permission. 

How Much Does a Loft Extension Cost? 

A loft conversion can be a great decision for many reasons in the case that you are a person who does not use their loft space in any way. Other than adding value to your house, a loft conversion can also provide you with extra space for you to build your new rooms the way you prefer. 

A loft conversion can add space to your house to an extent where you can have two additional bedrooms and a separate shower room. Our loft conversion experts here in London shall always work on a conversion that suits the space and size of your loft. Rest assured that whatever the space and size are, you will get nothing less than the best services from our loft conversion company here in London.  

An average loft conversion will cost you approximately £30,000 to £40,000. This adds a higher sum to the value of the house in case you decide to sell it some day since it expands the space of your property from a 2 to 3 bedroom house to a 4 to 5 bedroom house. 

Our prices are relatively low for loft conversion constructions, since we want all our London clients to afford loft conversions. Yet, the standard of the work and services we offer you are never negatively affected as we always work on delivering the best services to our London clients. We finish every project we receive with outstanding results so that you only have to enjoy your new spaces and neat construction in your London house. 

Available Loft Extension Types 

When you are fully convinced that a loft conversion is what you need for your property, you will be left with figuring out which loft conversion would suit your property best. Our loft conversion company in London will help you make up your minds in such situations. You will pick what is suitable for you depending on specific factors such as the type of roof you have, your budget, and what should be placed in the new space. 

There are three types of loft conversions and they are: 

  • Internal Loft Conversions 
  • Roof Off Loft Conversions 
  • Dormer Loft Conversions 


loft extension builders London bed side

Internal Loft Conversions 

Internal loft conversions are great for the reason that they are the simplest and the cheapest choice due to the fact that they require little work to be fully done. When a loft space is already present, everything becomes easier. Internal loft conversions will only require small alterations and additions such as windows, stronger flooring, and insulation. 

Dormer Loft Conversions 

What a dormer loft conversion requires is adding dormer windows to the loft space, and this will increase the height of the room. They are usually added only to the back of the property, yet they can be added to the front or the side of the property if you get a planning permission. 

Some kinds of dormer loft conversions you can invest in are: 

  • Single Dormer 
  • L-Shape dormer 
  • Full Width Dormer
  • Hip to Gable
  • Side Dormer  

Single Dormer 

A Single dormer conversion would be a great idea if your roof is sloped. The bad thing is that it is different from the standard conversion and it takes way more time to build because of the structural changes needed within the conversion. 

A dormer loft conversion is basically an extension that takes place starting with the slope of the roof. The most known type of conversion is the flat-roof dormer. It is great since it suits any house that has a sloping roof. Although mansard or hip-to-gable conversions are way more expensive than dormer conversions, a single dormer conversion adds a lot of extra floor space and headroom. 

Full-width Dormer 

Building a full-width dormer for a loft conversion will help increase the space and transform any loft space into something completely different from the previous one. 

A full-width dormer is similar to a mini-mansard conversion, as it basically has a flat roof that provides it with a lot of extra headspace. You can also add things that might be suitable for you such as Juliet balconies facing your back garden. Although they are great and they suit plenty of types of properties, yet, they are more expensive and need more time to build than other loft conversion types. 

When you extend a dormer to the full width of the roof you already have, it will give you a chance to build a way larger room. What our loft conversion company in London works on is providing you with a dramatic space by building a sloping ceiling at the front, and a squared off full height ceiling at the rear, while keeping your home outer frontal appearance unchanged. 

L-shaped Dormer 

An L-shaped dormer is exactly as the name implies: two dormers being connected to each other. One is built over the main segment of the roof, while the other is built over the rear part, forming an L shape. Of course, adding two dormers will offer a significant amount of extra space. Even better, if you happen to have a Victorian design, it will suit the property perfectly well. This type of dormer fits and suits specific properties such as Victorian designs, and it offers a lot of extra space. 

Of course, when an L-shaped conversion takes place, an L-shaped window must be involved and built. What a dormer is known for is being a roof window extending from the beginning of the slope of a roof vertically. When two dormers form a connection into a corner, L-shaped loft conversions take place. The main roof is usually built at the end of one of the dormers, preferably the larger one. 

At our loft conversion company in London, we mention the advantage of an L-shaped conversion, which is the wide space it can provide for your property. Everything will have more space, such as double rooms, separate landings, and even separate bathrooms. Everything will be bigger, as space and storage will be provided for your London property to make it wider and more comfortable for living. 

Hip to Gable 

What is great about a hip to gable is that it looks more natural compared to a dormer conversion, and that it is cheaper than extending outwards. However, it also has its negativities, and they are that it suits each house having a free sloping side roof only, and that it costs way more than a dormer conversion. 

This type of loft conversion works through extending the “hip” of the roof, which is the sloped part at the side of your property. This creates a “gable” wall that is vertical, which gives us more internal loft space to work with. 

Detached or semi-detached houses are the only types of property that are eligible for this type of loft conversion, as it necessitates the presence of a side roof that is free sloping. In the case that your property is fully detached, you can create a hip to gable loft conversion on both sides of the property, granting you even more space. 

Roof Off Loft Conversions 

This loft conversion type needs the whole roof to be removed and then restructured again with a new one. If the loft space in your headroom is lacking, this is the loft conversion you need. When investing in this loft conversion and having your new roofing structure built, the loft space you have will use the headroom to create more spaces in your house. The roof off loft conversion can be great in providing extra space for you in your house. 

Difference Between a Loft Extension and a House Extension 

What differentiates between a loft extension and a House extension is one main key difference. A house extension’s goal is to add and design a new room without messing with the other ones. Meanwhile, a loft conversion works with the surface area of the house to shift its design into something else. 

House Extension

For example, a house extension will provide you with a brand-new bedroom within the same design of the house you already have, while a loft conversion will transform the layout design of the house into something else to fit a new bedroom. 

Advantages of Loft Extensions 

The process of moving out from your London house can be really expensive because of the many costs that come along with it. When considering a loft conversion in London, you are saving money, because you will be only paying for the loft conversion which is way cheaper than moving out. We advise you to save money by the loft conversions we can offer your London house. 

The more you increase the space and room, the more value you add to your property in London. Thanks to loft conversions, your London property will have higher value when selling it than when you bought it. Our loft conversion team in London will do their absolute best to provide you with a perfect outcome.  We advise you to get a loft conversion to solve your current space problem, in order to fix the problem while adding more value to your property in London simultaneously. 

In case you are aiming for more room and space in your property in London, a loft conversion is what you need. Whatever the space needed is, whether a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom, a loft conversion is guaranteed to achieve your needs. It does not matter whether you choose only a single or a double storey loft conversion, our loft conversion experts are guaranteed to provide you with a lot of extra space for your property in London. 

More Than Just Loft Extension Builders 

After many years of experience in the field of loft conversions, we have only improved to stand today as professional contractors offering only the best services London could ever witness. This has made us the go to company for loft conversion installations locally. What has made us famous and highly recommended in the loft conversion field in London are the amazing range of services we offer, the great customer service, and high standards of work. 

In order to assist more customers, we work on being highly flexible and friendly. We take full responsibility during the loft conversion process, and handle it from the beginning to the very end. You also have the chance to get your own structural engineer, designer, or architect, and we would be more than happy to work with them. We do our best to make sure you get only the best outcome for your property in London the way you expect it. 

Our company is certain that investing in a loft conversion could be a big scary step, but we are by your side if you need any guidance. Yes, it can require a lot of work, and yes it might be expensive, so we understand if you want to know the estimated costs upfront. Let us not forget the advantages it might offer for your house, and that moving out could be way more expensive. 

When choosing to contact us, a free no obligation quotation will be directly provided to your loft conversion. We will show you the costs beforehand and you won’t feel obligated whatsoever to our services. If you feel uncomfortable with our services and quotes, you can simply walk away. 

Home Extensions 

Have you noticed that your once-large home has shrunk and become rather cramped? Many homes eventually face this problem, and it is typically due to a growing family or accumulating too many belongings. While you may believe that moving to a larger home is your only option in this case, our team has just the solution you need for your home. 

Investing in home extensions, which we offer at Firtree Building Services, is a far more cost-effective and stress-free option. With estate agent costs, stamp duty, and the expense of moving itself, moving to a new house may be very costly. Extending your current house is far more cost-effective, and we can assist you through the entire process. 

Outbuildings and Orangeries 

Our London extension builders can also design and install sheds and orangeries for our customers. An orangery, like a conservatory, is a brick structure with large windows and a glass roof. An orangery is a terrific alternative if you want a tranquil place to relax or a place to entertain company. We’ll work with you to create a personalised orangery that fulfills all of your requirements. 

Outbuildings are completely self-contained constructions that are built on your property, usually in the garden. Whether it’s a storage unit or a home office, we’ll make sure your outbuilding is of the highest quality. Plumbing and electricity will be installed in your outbuilding, in addition to whatever extra requirements you ask for. Everything is guaranteed to be built to your specifications. 

Why Choose Our Loft Extension Builders London Residents? 

One of our London staff members will schedule a visit to survey the area of your prospective loft conversion at a convenient time for you. They will take some preliminary measurements to determine what we’ll be dealing with. We will then provide you with a written quotation based on our findings. 

If the pricing isn’t right for you for any reason, you can just decline the offer, as you are under no need to commit at this point in the process. When compared to other contractors in the area that may provide similar services, our fees prove themselves to be cost-effective, affordable, and competitive. 


In the case that you would like to visualise what the end product for your loft conversion would look like, you can now take a look at our gallery page. 

We have posted pictures of some of our previous projects that have left their house owners very happy. 

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