Many homeowners find themselves in the same position; their once spacious house has become small and cramped. There are many reasons for this, from a growing family to simply having collected too many possessions over the years. When caught in this situation, your first thought may be to invest in a bigger house, which is very costly. However, here at Firtree Building Services, we have a simple and cost effective solution; loft conversions.

By investing in a simple loft conversion, you can stay in the home you love while gaining that much needed extra space. This is a more affordable option which also adds value to your property. Plus, there are a range of loft conversion types available, so regardless of your requirements or the properties of your current loft space, there is sure to be a conversion to suit.

Whether you need extra bedrooms and bathroom space for a growing family, a playroom for the kids, or even a home office for yourself, we can help. 

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When you find yourself running out of liveable space in your home, the most obvious answer is to move to a bigger property. However, if you wish to stay in your current home and not spend thousands on estate agent fees and moving expenses, there is another option in loft conversions.

In most homes, the loft is unused space that has been relegated to storage of items you never really use or have forgotten you own. This is a waste of the lofts untapped potential though; when your loft is converted, you can gain extra rooms such as two double bedrooms with a separate bathroom. Perhaps you need a playroom for the kids or a home office; a loft conversion can provide the space for any of your needs.

Having your loft converted is a much more cost effective way to gain extra space than moving to a new property. Rather than spend thousands on fees and moving expenses, you can invest in your current property. An average loft conversion costs between £30,000 and £40,000, but it can add value to your home by transforming it from a 2 or 3 bed house into a 4 or 5 bed house. So, if you should choose to move in the future, your property will be worth more when you sell.

Another benefit to choosing a loft conversion to create extra space in your home is that most times, they don’t require planning permission. This means you can begin to enjoy your new space sooner as the project won’t be delayed waiting for planning permission, unlike house extensions.


Internal loft conversions are the simplest and cheapest choice as they require very little work to be carried out. The existing loft space requires minimal alterations and some small additions from roof windows, insulation, and stronger flooring.


This type of loft conversion requires the current roof to be removed and replaced with a brand new structure. You will require this type of loft conversion if the headroom in your loft space is lacking. By having a new roofing structure installed, your loft space will have the needed headroom to create extra living space in your home.


A dormer loft conversion involves adding dormer windows to your loft space, which increase the height of the room. While they are usually added to the back of a property, if you have the required planning permission, they can be added to the front or side.

There are a range of dormer loft conversions you can invest in, including:

  • Single Dormer
  • Full Width Dormer
  • Side Dormer
  • L-Shape Dormer
  • Hip to Gable


Here at Firtree Building Services, we provide a comprehensive service for all our clients. From the moment you place your call to the completion of your loft conversion, you will receive a professional and reliable service.

We will first sit down with you to discuss your requirements in detail and carry out a survey of your loft space. From this, we can provide you with honest and impartial advice as to which loft conversion would be best suited to your needs.

You can rest assured knowing that our team take care of everything from start to finish. If you require planning permission, we will apply for it on your behalf. We will handle the architectural planning and structural calculations. Our team will carry out the build phase to the highest of standards and, when complete, handle the final building control sign off along with providing any necessary certificates.

We work quickly and effectively at Firtree Building Services. If your loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission, we can generally complete within 6-7 weeks.


Welcome to Firtree Building Services, a building company that has been providing high quality loft conversions and house extensions for many years now. Over the years, we have only continued to improve upon our services and have since become the go-to company for the installation of loft conversions. In fact, our high standard of work and customer service has led to us being highly recommended, with much of our new work coming to us via word of mouth.

We are very flexible in our services, enabling us to assist more clients. Our team can handle the entire loft conversion from start to finish, taking full responsibility for it. However, if you already have an architect, structural engineer, or designer in place, we are more than happy to work alongside them. We strive to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

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