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Do you need extra living space in your property? Have you been thinking about having a loft conversion carried out to gain this extra space? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Firtree Building Services are the premier team of loft conversion specialists London has to offer.

We have years of experience in the building industry and can carry out many different types of loft conversions for our clients in London. As such, regardless of what your individual requirements may be, our team will be on hand to transform your loft and provide you with that much needed extra living space.

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The Most Reliable Loft Conversion Specialists London Has to Offer 

When it comes to loft conversions, you will want to make sure you are working with a reliable and professional team. After all, you will want your converted loft to be structurally sound and meet all of your requirements. It is for this reason that so many clients choose to work with us at Firtree Building Services, as we are the premier choice of loft conversion specialists London has to offer.  

Why You Need a Loft ConversionLoft Conversions in London

If you are running out of liveable space in your home, and don’t wish to move to a larger property, you will need to find ways to gain space in your current home. If you have the outside space required, then a house extension is often the best way to achieve this. However, if you haven’t got the needed outside space to spare, you might be wondering what your next step is.  

This is where we come in at Firtree Building Services, as these situations are ideal for the conversion of your loft space. Lofts are often unused, and they are a wealth of untapped potential, so converting the loft can provide you with the much needed extra living space.  

Benefits of Loft Conversions Over House Extensions

There are many reasons to invest in a loft conversion over a house extension, with the primary benefit being you often don’t require planning permission for a loft conversion. Converting the loft generally comes under permitted building work, so you won’t have to wait around for planning permission to come through to begin the project. This means you can get the project completed much quicker than an extension, which can save you money too.  

Additionally, you won’t need to sacrifice any outside space in order to gain extra space inside. Since most lofts are unused, you won’t be sacrificing any space at all, simply gaining it.  

Duration of a Loft Conversion Project

While each loft conversion project will take a different amount of time, depending on the requirements and how much work needs to be done, the general time frame is around 6-7 weeks. This is for the entire project, from the initial design right through to the build phase and final sign off – it takes much less time than an extension as you won’t need to wait for planning permission.  

Loft Conversion Cost in London 

As with the time frame, the cost of your loft conversion in London will depend entirely on the project itself. Generally, you can expect a loft conversion to cost around £30,000 to £40,000, but this will vary depending on your individual requirements, what type of conversion you choose, and any extra work that needs to be carried out.  

We will always provide you with a bespoke quote before we carry out any work, and a loft conversion can increase the value of your property, so it is an investment too.  

Available Loft Extension Types

There are different types of loft conversions, which are ideal for different purposes and styles of lofts. We can have them all installed here at Firtree Building Services. The types of loft conversions our London loft conversion specialists can carry out include:  

  • Internal Loft Conversions  
  • Dormer Loft Conversions  
  • Roof Off Loft Conversions  

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    Internal Loft Conversions  

    These are the simplest and most affordable choice as it requires little work to be carried out. The existing loft space will require minimal alterations and small additions such as roof windows, insulation, and stronger flooring.  

    Dormer Loft Conversions  

    Dormer loft conversions involve adding dormer windows to the loft space, which increases the height of the room. They are generally added to the back of the property but can be added to the front and side with the relevant planning permission.   

    There are various styles of dormer loft conversion, including single and full width, l-shaped, and hip to gable.  

    Single Dormer  

    A single dormer conversion is when a single box shaped structure is added onto the roof, creating more headspace and a window for the loft.  

    Full Width Dormer 

    A full width dormer is similar to a single dormer, but it is larger in width to create more space within the loft.  

    L-Shaped Dormer

    An l-shaped dormer is an addition to the roof and loft space that creates an l shape. Two dormers are attached, one to the main roof and one to the rear of the roof.  

    Hip to Gable  

    A hip to gable conversion is generally found on properties with an existing hipped roof, where the hip is extended up vertically from the ridgeline. This creates a gable, and a rear dormer is formed on the rear of the property.  

    Roof Off Loft Conversions  

    A roof off loft conversion requires the most work, as the existing roof will need to be removed and replaced with a brand new structure. This creates much more headspace in the loft.  

    More Than Just Loft Conversion Specialists

    Here at Firtree Building Services, we are more than just loft conversion specialists in London. As such, we can offer more than just services to convert your loft space. If you require more living space in your property, and don’t wish to convert the loft, then we can also provide effective house extensions too. You can find out more about our house extensions service below.  

    Home Extensions

    If you have the required outside space in which to extend your property, then our home extensions service is for you. We offer a comprehensive service, starting with visiting your home to carry out a survey. Our team will discuss your requirements in detail during this survey, as well as carry out any measurements of your outside space. From this, we can assist you in designing a bespoke extension for your property.  

    We handle every aspect of the project for you, including gaining planning permission for the job. Our team will apply for this on your behalf and, once it has been achieved, we can get to work o building your bespoke home extension. Every detail will be as you wish, from the materials used to the layout and the choice of features, such as doors and windows.  

    You can use a home extension to create any space you wish, from single-storey extensions for larger kitchens and dining rooms to double-storey extensions for added bedrooms too.  

    Why Choose Our Loft Conversion Specialists, London Residents?

    Here at Firtree Building Services, we are the London loft conversion specialists, and we have many years of experience in the building industry. In this time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge, which has enabled us to further improve upon our services. If you require a high quality, bespoke loft conversion, we are the only team you need to call.  


    While hearing about our services can be helpful, we know that many clients will wish to see our work for themselves before reaching out. This is why we have a dedicated online gallery page, where you can see our stunning results first hand. We are confident that these images will convince you that we are the loft conversion specialists in London.  

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