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Loft Conversion North London Give yourself another room without using up more space

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Numerous homeowners encounter a shared predicament: their once spacious abode has gradually transformed into a confined space. This issue can stem from an expanding family or the accumulation of possessions over time. When faced with such circumstances, the immediate inclination might be to invest in a larger property, a financially demanding endeavour. However, at Firtree Building Services, we offer a practical and cost-effective alternative: loft conversions.

Opting for a straightforward loft conversion enables you to remain in your cherished home while acquiring the essential additional space. This approach is not only more budget-friendly but also enhances your property’s value. Moreover, a variety of loft conversion options are available, ensuring a tailored solution regardless of your requirements or the specifics of your existing loft space.

Whether you seek additional bedrooms and bathrooms for a growing family, a dedicated playroom for children, or even a personal home office, we are at your service.

To delve deeper into our comprehensive loft conversion North London, please contact Firtree Building Services today.


When you find yourself running out of liveable space in your home, the most obvious answer is to move to a bigger property. However, if you wish to stay in your current home and not spend thousands on estate agent fees and moving expenses, there is another option; a loft conversion North London style.

In most homes, the loft is unused space that has been relegated to storage of items you never really use or have forgotten you own. This is a waste of the lofts untapped potential though; when your loft is converted, you can gain extra rooms such as two double bedrooms with a separate bathroom. Perhaps you need a playroom for the kids or a home office; a loft conversion can provide the space for any of your needs.

Having your loft converted is a much more cost-effective way to gain extra space than moving to a new property. Rather than spend thousands on fees and moving expenses, you can invest in your current property. A loft conversion is a significant investment, but it will add value to your home so if you should choose to move in the future, your property will be worth more when you sell.

Another benefit to choosing a loft conversion to create extra space in your home is that most times, they don’t require planning permission. This means you can begin to enjoy your new space sooner as the project won’t be delayed waiting for planning permission, unlike house extensions.


Internal loft conversions are the simplest and cheapest choice as they require very little work to be carried out. The existing loft space requires minimal alterations and some small additions from roof windows, insulation, and stronger flooring.


This type of loft conversion requires the current roof to be removed and replaced with a brand new structure. You will require this type of loft conversion if the headroom in your loft space is lacking. By having a new roofing structure installed, your loft space will have the needed headroom to create extra living space in your home.


A dormer loft conversion involves adding dormer windows to your loft space, which increase the height of the room. While they are usually added to the back of a property, if you have the required planning permission, they can be added to the front or side.

There are a range of dormer loft conversions you can invest in, including:

  • Single Dormer
  • Full Width Dormer
  • Side Dormer
  • L-Shape Dormer
  • Hip to Gable
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Loft Conversion north london


At Firtree Building Services, we offer an all-encompassing service tailored to our valued clients. From your initial call through the culmination of your loft conversion project, you can expect an unwaveringly professional and dependable experience.

Our process commences with an in-depth consultation to meticulously understand your requisites, followed by a thorough survey of your loft space. Drawing from this assessment, we offer transparent and unbiased guidance on the loft conversion most apt for your needs.

Rest assured, our team expertly manages every aspect from inception to completion. Should planning permission be necessary, we’ll adeptly handle the application. Architectural planning and structural calculations are meticulously managed by us. The construction phase is executed to the utmost standards, and upon completion, we oversee the final building control sign-off, alongside providing any requisite certificates.

Efficiency is a hallmark at Firtree Building Services. If your loft conversion falls within permitted development, our timeline averages between 6 to 7 weeks, ensuring a prompt yet impeccably executed transformation.

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