How to plan a loft conversion

Does your home feature a loft that is not being used? Is your loft dark and dingy and uninhabitable? Then why not get the Firtree Builders in to completely revamp your loft and convert it into a beautiful room. Choose Firtree Builders and we will assist you with how to plan a loft conversion in your home.

Loft conversion plan ideas

If you are stuck for inspiration about how to plan a loft conversion, don’t worry as our design and construction team are experts at coming up with brilliant ideas for your loft conversion, and then realising your dream room.

A loft conversion is a fantastic way of creating more space in your home, increasing the value of your property, and achieving better views of the surrounding area and gain more daylight hours every day. Unlike building an extension onto your property, you don’t require planning permission when performing a loft conversion, saving you time and money. On average, converting a loft into a usable and beautiful space takes our team at Firtree Builders between six and seven weeks.

Design plan ideas

At Firtree Builders, our team have completed hundreds of loft conversions over the years, and below is a list of some our favourite room design ideas, to help inspire you with a plan for your future loft room:

  • Install a skylight and have an indoor greenhouse 
  • Soundproofing makes for a great music practise room
  • Yoga and meditation room
  • Private library with comfortable seating and hundreds of books
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Film room with blackout blinds, projector and screen
  • Darkroom for a photography buff

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    Why you should choose Firtree Builders for your loft conversion

    When you choose Firtree Builders to transform your loft, you will be receiving a team that have decades of combined experience. Our team are happy to work alongside other building contractors that you have employed, but we also have the capability and capacity to perform all building renovation works. You are guaranteed to increase the value of your home with a Firtree Builders loft conversion, as you are effectively adding an additional room to your home.

    At Firtree Builders, our company is made up of highly qualified architects to create the plan for your loft conversion, structural engineers, designers, builders and decorators. We are so proud of the high standard of work that we constantly deliver, that we promise a 10 year guarantee on our work to every one of our customers.

    So whether you want a loft conversion or home extensions, you are in good hands with Firtree Builders.


    Become inspired to create a plan for you loft conversion, and view our gallery to see images of the loft conversions that we have completed in the UK.

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