If you are thinking of getting a house extension for your Enfield property, you are probably looking for the right team to deliver your vision. You have come to the right place, as we here at Firtree Building Services are happy to provide you with excellent house extensions and construction services in London. 

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The Most Reliable Extensions Enfield Has to Offer

House extensions are a great addition if you are thinking about increasing your space and elevating your property’s value in the London market. You need a reliable construction team that can handle all aspects of a house extension, and our team at Firtree Building Services is one of the best. 

We realise that each client has their unique aesthetic and perspective for their house extension, which is why our construction team works hand in hand with you to provide you with an extension that exceeds your expectations. So, get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about your house extension options here in London. 

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Benefits of Home Extensions 

Many of our clients have enjoyed the option of adding home extensions and for a good reason. Many advantages come from choosing a house extension project for your Enfield property. First of all, house extensions excel at their primary goal: creating more useable space in your London home. This is considered an excellent investment because you do not have to move out and purchase a new house; you are just adding to your existing home. You can put your money into upgrading your current house with everything you need or have dreamed of.

More Property Value

Not only do you save money and time once you decide to have our construction team build your unique house extension, but you will also increase your property’s value. Once our construction team build in your house extension, you can rest assured your Enfield home will rise in property value in the London market. In addition, once you decide on a house extension, it means you will be adding square meterage to your space, which means you have expanded. This makes it a good investment as it is the most cost-effective way to increase property value here in London. 

Designs of Our Extensions

We realise that each client has their taste and goal when it comes to designing and building a house extension. For this reason, our construction team here at Firtree Building Services is happy to offer a wide range of designs and types of house extensions to fulfil your requirements. So, when you choose to work with us, you can rest assured we will tailor our home extension design to suit your property and what works for you.

We offer you a wide range of designs and types of extensions depending on your property size, budget, and your style, including:

  • Single Storey Extensions 
  • Multi-storey Extensions
  • Loft Conversions 

Single-storey Extensions 

Whether you would like a classic approach or a new innovative change, a single-storey extension might be perfect for your London property. Single storey extensions are added to the side of your property and are even great if you are looking for extra space in your home. Some people go for a modern kitchen to add, and our professionals are highly skilled in capturing the essence of your house. So, no matter the room you would like to add, you can rest assured our Enfield construction team is ready to build the perfect single-storey extension to add exactly what you need to the house. 

Multi-storey Extensions 

If you want to optimise your property’s space, then a multi-storey extension can be the perfect addition to your space. This way, you can add more space the way you want to. For example, you can add a stellar kitchen and the perfect bedroom extension on the second storey, adding a whole new design aesthetic of your property, only increasing its value on the London market. 

Types of Extensions We Offer 

No matter the type of house extension you are thinking about getting, whether it is a single-storey or multi-storey extension, you can rest assured our professional team can handle it from beginning to end. We are happy to offer a wide range of designs to compliment your house extensions so that you can go with a classic extension, or you can go with something fun and innovative. Our team is happy to tailor the building services to give you precisely what you inspired for your Enfield property. 

More than Just Home Extensions 

Aside from our stellar home extensions, our builders are happy to offer you a wide range of construction services here in London. We here at Firtree Building Services are well-known in Enfield for providing high-quality construction services. We provide you with great cost-effective loft conversions that suit your property perfectly. 

Loft Conversions 

If you do not want to get something on the bigger scale, you can always go for a loft conversion. Our professional builders have experience turning lofts into the perfect space you were dying for. Usually, a lot of our clients would like their loft to be converted into:

  • Bedroom
  • En-suite
  • Office
  • Lounge
  • Children’s playroom
  • And Many More!

Benefits of a Loft Conversion 

Loft conversions are an excellent investment for your London property as it optimises your space in the most cost-effective way possible. Many people are unaware of their home’s hidden potential when it comes to unused space. If you’re currently using your loft space to store bags and larger objects that aren’t used daily, you could be losing out on a great way to make your house feel more spacious. So, when you choose our builders for loft conversions, you can rest assured you will get the best advice and work to make it the perfect room you have always envisioned. 

Types of Loft Conversion 

There are many types of loft conversions to choose from, and your choice depends on many factors. Not to worry, as our team of builders will advise you with the perfect match for your London property. We offer you three types of loft conversions, and they are:

  • Internal Loft Conversions 
  • Dormer Loft Conversions
  • Roof-Off Loft Conversions 

You can contact our professional builders in Enfield to get the proper consultation to know exactly what to choose from the list. 

Internal Loft Conversions 

If you are going for something relatively simple and budget-friendly, then an internal loft conversion is the perfect choice for you. Internal loft conversions are cheap and simple because there isn’t too much work being carried out. Our team will carry minimum changes and pretty additions of the roof, windows, insulation, and flooring to completely change the room’s setting.


We take pride in the excellent reputation our clients give us when it comes to beautiful home extensions here in London. We are grateful for the many completed projects from our clients’ recommendations to friends and family. You can see our meticulous work on house extension projects for yourself in our “Gallery”. Who knows, our designs might inspire your next home project! 

Why Choose Us for Your Extensions Enfield Residents? 

We take pride in being the go-to company for all house extension constructions in London. Our builders are highly knowledgeable and experienced in what it takes to deliver a perfect house extension according to your requirements. We are happy to provide you with free quotations, and we are always ready to consult with you to build a perfect plan and bring your ideas to life. 

When you work with our team of builders here at Firtree Building Services, you can rest assured your house extension is in safe hands. Our team works meticulously and skillfully to provide efficient, productive and cost-effective solutions to optimise your space and increase your property’s market value. 

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