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Do you live in London and wish you had more space in your home? Would you love an extra room but you can’t afford to buy somewhere more expensive in London; yet you don’t want to move out of the area? Then our team at Firtree Building Services have the perfect solution for you. Our building extensions in London will add the extra space you desire, but at a fraction of the cost it would be to move home.

London building extensions

Unless you are a multi-millionaire, finding your idea of a perfect home in London can be a real challenge. At Firtree Building Service, we believe that all London homeowners should be able to have exactly what they want in terms of their home living space, without having to compromise on money or style preferences.

This is why, at Firtree Building Services, we are firm believers in creating beautiful extensions in London properties that homeowners completely love. When we complete building extensions in London, we always increase the net value of the property in question. Our team of highly skilled designers will work with you to create an interior and exterior plan of what you would like your London building extensions to look like once finished.

After the plan is finalised, our team of builders, technicians, plumbers and engineers will get to work on bringing the design to life. Alternatively, we are more than happy to work alongside other building companies that you might have hired to complete work on your building extensions London transformation.

Building extensions London homes services

One idea that is incredibly popular for our London building extensions work is to extend an existing room into the outdoor garden space, and then add a garden onto the roof of the new extension. Therefore, you will receive more living space for you and your family on the ground floor, and yet you won’t lose out on having an outdoor area.

This idea has become very fashionable with London homeowners, as your roof garden is completely customisable. You can have shrubbery, flowers, decking, even a vegetable patch or a pond added to your new garden design.

There are many ideas for your building extensions in London project. Some of the extension concepts that our team at Firtree Building Services have completed over the years have been:

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    • Kitchens
    • Dining room that attached to the current kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Conservatories
    • Bike and coat room
    • Bedroom for the animals
    • Reading room

    Lounge Space




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    Don’t waste your money moving home and hire Firtree Building Services to transform your home instead. You will save money on stamp duty and moving costs, not to mention the amount of stress and wasted time you’ll save from not having to deal with the whole estate agency moving process.

    All of our London building extensions are built to be completely in-keeping with the current style of your home. We will use the same materials to create the exterior of your property, so the brick work blends in seamlessly. Every project we give our Firtree Building Services name to is 100% compliant with the most recent Building Regulations, and all work adheres to strict Health and Safety Laws. With every London building extension project we complete, we provide a fantastic 10 year guarantee on all work.

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