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If you have been thinking about getting a new home design for your North London property, you need to get in touch with the best builders here. We at Firtree Building Services are happy to be the number one North London builders to excel in all construction work, from house extensions to loft conversions. 

To learn more about our quality construction work and designs, do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team at Firtree Building Services by calling us on 07957 574 604, and a member of our team will gladly answer all your inquiries.  

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The Best Building Contractors North London Residents Can Rely On  

We here at Firtree Building Services are proud to be one of the leading building companies in North London. So, no matter the project you are planning for your North London home, you can rest assured our builders can handle it perfectly from beginning to end. So, whether you’re thinking house extensions or loft conversions, our team will help you design the most aesthetically pleasing spaces for you to optimise your area and enjoy a whole new feel to your North London property.  

Our Bespoke Services Building Contractors

Our team at Firtree Building Services comprises the most skilled builders in the North London area. Our builders can help you attain the perfect design tailored to your unique tastes with extensive expertise and knowledge in the field. So, if you are thinking of home extensions or loft conversions for your North London property, our builders are the perfect team to efficiently and productively turn your vision into reality. No home project is too big or small for our talented builders here at Firtree Building Services.  

Loft Conversions Types We Offer  

We here at Firtree Building Services offer the best loft conversions for design and implementation to our North London clients. Once you decide to let us handle your loft conversions, you will discover that much benefit comes from your previously unused space.   

Our loft conversions can optimise your space usage, unlocking the potential that you never knew was in your North London home. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the steps needed to complete such a project, as our builders will take care of it from beginning to end.  

Our construction team offer a wide range of loft conversions to suit your design vision and budget, including: 

  • Internal Loft Conversions 
  • Dormer Loft Conversions  
  • Roof Off Loft Conversions  
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Benefits of a Loft Conversion  

Loft conversions are considered an excellent investment when you want a cost-effective yet impactful change for your North London property for several reasons. To begin with, getting loft conversions is a great way to optimise space and gain the room you need without moving to a new property. Not only that, but it is a cost-effective way to achieve this space by saving on moving expenses and just finding the space while gaining property value on your current North London property. And finally, our team can do all this with no need for planning permissions. 

Our Stunning Home Extension Services 

Our professional builders at Firtree Building Services are happy to provide you with stunning designs for your home extensions for your North London property. We are one of the best companies to count on for all house extension constructions, from conceptual design to final finish. So, you can rest confident your vision will be translated to life from aesthetic to space and value.  

Every design element of the house extension will be made to your requirements, and we can even recommend materials that will blend well with the rest of your North London home. We can also locate materials to create a contrasting extension. 

When do You Need a Home Extension  

There comes a time when you feel like your property lacks and you need more space for your everyday lifestyle. Of course, the first idea that comes to your mind might be moving out, but we here at Firtree Building Services offer you a better and more cost-effective way to increase your living space while improving your North London property’s value. House extensions are a perfect way to add the rooms you have always needed in your house without moving out and with the greatest return on investment.  

Types of Home Extensions We Offer   

When you choose our builders to help you with home extensions, you can rest assured our construction staff will take care of it from beginning to end. We aim to fulfil all your requirements, so trust that we will tailor our construction services to cater to your needs. There are many types of house extensions that we offer based on budget, needs, and aesthetics, including the two most common types: 

  • Single-storey Extensions 
  • Double-Storey Extensions  

We can add a single-story extension to create more living space on the ground floor, such as a larger kitchen. Alternatively, we can construct a two-story addition to provide additional bedrooms for a growing family. 

Single-Storey Extensions  

If you are thinking about a small change that can go a long way, then a single-storey extension might be the perfect match for your North London home. When you choose our builders for the job, you can rest assured we will create the space you very much need for your property. Whether it is a cute kitchen or dining area that would add the space your family needs, a single-storey extension will do the job perfectly.  


If you would like some more motivation to make sure Firtree Building Services is the right choice for your next building project, you can see it for yourself on our “Gallery” page. You will find our latest designs and successfully handled projects, from loft conversions to house extensions. You can see our quality of building services for yourself, and you might be inspired for your next building project!


We understand that having home refurbishments carried out is a huge investment. As such, you might wish to hear from previous clients regarding our services before reaching out to us. We are happy to assist with this, which is why we have many customer testimonials on our site for you to read. We are confident that reading the glowing reviews from past clients will convince you that we are the premier team to work with on home refurbishments in Enfield.

Why Choose Us for Home Refurbishments?

Here at Firtree Building Services, we are a building company with many years of experience in the industry. In this time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which has enabled us to further improve and expand upon our services. Now, if you require any home refurbishment such as conversions or extensions, we are the only team you need to call. 

We aim to transform your property with our home refurbishments in Enfield. Our team work closely with you to ensure your every need is being met and the results are of the highest standard. You can always trust us to provide high quality, stunning home refurbishments. 

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