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Welcome to Firtree Building Services! We are the leading and most reliable home construction building company Enfield has to offer. Our Enfield builders are some of the best home construction contractors you can find to take care of your home construction here in Enfield. Here at Firtree Building Services, we are proud to have acquired the stellar reputation of being the best home construction builders Enfield has to offer.

In the case that you have been looking for the prime Enfield company to carry out your new Enfield home construction project, then Firtree Building Services is the home builder company for you. Our home builder company is made up of home construction contractors who would stop at nothing to deliver the Enfield home construction project you most desire.

Our Enfield home construction contractors are more than ready to take on any home construction job here in Enfield. In the case that you should have any further enquiries regarding our construction contractors, please do not hesitate to contact our Enfield builders by calling us on 0800 270 7764.

The Only Building Company Enfield Clients Need 

Here at Firtree Building Services, we have managed to acquire the most stellar group of construction builders one can find in all of Enfield. Our construction builders are a team of entirely reliable Enfield contractors who settle for nothing less than delivering the Enfield construction job you most desire. 

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    Our team of Enfield contractors are some of the finest builders who have managed to acquire many years of experience being the superior builders here in Enfield. Our team of experienced Enfield builders have the most extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to construction services. The seasoned builders we have working with us here at Firtree Building Services are guaranteed to be able to take on any project you might need. 

    Here at Firtree Building Services, we have spent countless hours making sure that we are the best building company Enfield has to offer. With our seasoned team of builders, we are yet to be matched by any team of builders here in Enfield. When it comes to a task as worrisome as having construction work carried out on your property, it is essential that you entrust a competent team of builders to be doing the job. 

    Firtree Building Services is made up of a team of entirely reliable builders who are fully trustworthy and who would carry out your project to perfection. Our team of builders have accumulated sufficient years of experience acting as stellar Enfield builders, and since then, we have taken the industry by storm. 

    Our team here at Firtree Building Services is guaranteed to provide you with the stellar standard of service that we have always been known for. We can help you with any construction services you require, including loft conversions and extensions. From start to end, our skilled staff is with you every step of the way to ensure you have a finished product that matches your expectations. 

    Every project we work on will be personalised to your exact specifications and needs, with our expert advice. To achieve our famous high standards, we exclusively utilise the best quality materials when performing construction work. All of this demonstrates that Firtree Building Services is the only building business Enfield residents require. 

    Premium Building Services in Enfield 

    Our team is always ready to offer you the highest standard of service from the very first step to the very last one. Our project managers will oversee the construction process, and that is why you can rely on us knowing that we have everything under our supervision. You should also know that we work with reliable contractors, and more specifically experts in electricity and plumbing, and that’s why you should be at ease that your loft will turn out perfect and comply with strict industry rules and regulations. We are the best building company Enfield can offer as we customize everything and exceed your expectations with the final outcome.

    We take your budget and vision into consideration, and then we sit down with a designer or architect to offer some plans and ideas until we settle on the best course of action for you. Once you are fully convinced, we will offer you a price estimation that separates both the material and labour costs so you can keep track of what you are paying for. We work hard to bring your vision and plans to life, because we know that loft conversions here at Enfield are inconvenient to carry out. 

    Weather and unpredictable situations are always a possibility, so we go to great lengths to complete each loft conversion within a 6–7-week timeframe. Many of our clients plan their loft conversions for the summer, when the weather is nicer and we have a better chance of finishing our Enfield loft conversions on time. 

    At the outset of the construction phase, we’ll give you a timetable so you know when each stage should be finished and when the final sign-off date is. We can leave your loft conversion as a blank canvas once all of the construction work is completed. Alternatively, like with many of the loft conversions we construct in Enfield, we can work with you or an interior designer to bring your vision to life. 

    Loft Conversions 

    If your home is running out of usable space but you don’t have the area outdoors to expand, our loft conversions can help. Many homeowners seldom use their loft area, or if they do, it’s only to store clutter. 

    You can, however, create much-needed extra space, such as bedrooms, by converting your loft. This is a low-cost answer to your space problems, and you’ll be improving your home. 

    Bungalow Loft Conversions in Enfield

    Types of Loft Conversions 

    Once you’ve determined that a loft conversion is the best option for you, you’ll need to determine which sort of loft conversion is best for your home. Firtree Building Services will be able to assist you with this. The sort of roof you have, what you want to do with the area, and your budget will all influence your decision. 

    The following are the three main types of loft conversions: 

    • Internal Loft Conversions 
    • Dormer Loft Conversions 
    • Roof Off Loft Conversions 


    Internal loft conversions are the easiest and most cost-effective option because they require very little work. The current loft space just requires minor modifications and a few simple additions, such as roof windows, insulation, and more durable flooring. 


    Dormer loft conversions entail the addition of dormer windows to your loft space, which raises the room’s height. While they are most commonly built to the back of a house, they can also be added to the front or side if you have the necessary planning clearance. 

    You can now invest in a variety of dormer loft conversions, including: 

    • Single Dormer 
    • Full Width Dormer 
    • Side Dormer 
    • L-Shape Dormer 
    • Hip to Gable 


    This form of loft conversion necessitates the removal of the existing roof and the installation of a new one. If you don’t have enough headroom in your loft, you’ll need this form of loft conversion. Your loft space will have the needed height to create more living space in your home after a new roofing structure is constructed. 

    Benefits of Loft Conversions 

    Many families outgrow their homes over time, but the high cost of housing and the trouble of moving deter them from doing so. 

    Investing in one of our Enfield loft conversions is the answer to all your problems and stresses. It’s a cheaper option to moving and is a terrific method to get that extra room you’ve been longing for. 

    The loft is a waste of space for most people, where suitcases and bin liners stuffed with clothes from the 1990s lie alongside baby toys and the equivalent of a small bookstore’s worth of discarded books. 

    When you hire us, you can rest assured that you’ll have one of the best loft conversions Enfield has ever seen. We’ll assist you with seeing past the clutter and determining how to best utilise the space to fulfil your needs. We’ve previously built loft conversions in Enfield to fulfil a variety of requirements, including: 

    • Lounge Space 
    • Study 
    • Bedroom 
    • Playroom 

    When you invest in one of our Enfield loft conversions, we will listen to your requirements and advise you on the best course of action in order to stay within your budget. Because your loft conversion falls under authorised development, you won’t need to apply for planning approval in most cases. 

    Home Extensions 

    Firtree Building Services may assist you if you require additional outside space to expand your property. We can construct a single or double-storey addition to your home, giving you much-needed extra space such as a larger kitchen/dining area and bedrooms. 

    When do You Need a Home Extension 

    Do you ever feel like you’re running out of room in your house, and it’s becoming smaller by the day? In that situation, a bespoke home expansion from Firtree Building Services in Enfield is the best option! 

    Of course, uprooting your entire life and relocating to a new location is both costly and difficult. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative in the form of a Firtree Building Services home extension that is offered here in Enfield. 

    kitchen extensions London

    Adding an Extra Room 

    Firtree Building Services has managed to acquire many years of experience in the building, so we’re the ones to call when you need a home extension. Enfield customers, we will identify the materials that will completely compliment and raise your existing property and décor. 

    Ask any property developer or estate agent, and they’ll tell you that increasing the square footage of a home will always increase its value, as long as it’s done properly by a skilled team of builders. Enfield customers, this is a guarantee when you hire Firtree Building Services for your home extension! 

    Other Types of Home Extensions 

    Aside from the typical options of a single-storey or double-storey house expansion, there are a variety of different options available. These are some of the other extensions: 

    • Garage Conversions or Extensions 
    • Basement Conversion 
    • Outbuildings and Orangeries 

    Each extension type is made to fit the different requirements, budgets, and types a property can have.  

    Benefits of a Home Extension 

    Firtree Building Services will manage the project from start to finish. We will be at your side from the original architectural planning and structural calculations, through the construction process, and until the final handover! 

    Of course, we realise that you may want to compare prices before committing to a house addition in Enfield, so feel free to contact us for a friendly conversation and a free estimate with no obligation to commit. You should also think about the following advantages: 

    • Avoiding Moving into Another Home 
    • Adding Value to Your Property 
    • Not Requiring Planning Permission 
    • Bespoke Designs 
    • Competitive Prices 

    Architectural Planning for Home Extensions Building Services Enfield

    As previously mentioned, many people’s initial thought when they run out of liveable space in their home is to move to a larger property. However, this endeavour is both costly and exhausting, and it is almost always unneeded. You may get much-needed extra room in your current house with the help of an experienced building firm like Firtree Building Services. 

    Building an addition to your home can not only save you thousands of pounds in fees and relocation costs, but it will also be an investment in your current home. Adding extra square footage to your home will only raise the value of your home if it is done by professionals and finished to a high quality. If you decide to sell in the future, the addition of a house extension will increase the value of your home. 

    A loft conversion will provide additional living space. Many homes, however, lack the necessary loft area, necessitating home extensions. If you’re not sure which option would be ideal for your property, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help. 

    Firtree Building Services is a well-established construction company with years of experience in the field. We’ve been providing house extensions and loft conversions to domestic clients for many years and have subsequently established ourselves as the area’s go-to firm. In fact, word of mouth and recommendations from prior clients now account for a large portion of our work. This gives us great pleasure since it shows that our clients were completely satisfied with our service and results. 

    However, you should not take our word for it; we recognise that many potential clients will want to see our work before making a decision. This is why we have an online gallery dedicated to previous projects, where you can browse a selection of photos. These photographs demonstrate our high-quality workmanship and impressive capabilities, which will persuade you that we are the best choice for your home expansions. 


    Why Choose us as Your Go-To Building Company Enfield Clients 

    Firtree Building Services is a construction company with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in the building and contracting field. We’ve only continued to develop and expand our services over time in order to serve more clients. We are becoming the go-to firm in Enfield for all construction needs. 

    We understand that building work may be a significant financial investment, and you’ll want to know all of the expenses up front. This is why we provide a free, no-obligation quote for our services, which will include a detailed cost breakdown with no surprises. Furthermore, there would be no obligation to us during this time. 


    Take a look at some of the best loft conversions Enfield has to offer in our gallery which includes picture examples of previous projects. 

    Our Accreditations 

    Our team of certified builders have acquired their accreditation from Which? Trusted Trader. We are also honoured to announce that we are proud FMB Associate Members. Our team holds the standard of services we offer our customers very dear to heart, and that is why we provide each and every client of ours with a ten-year guarantee for their new complete projects. 


    Contact the Best Building Company Enfield Can Offer 

    If you have been looking for the best building company Enfield has to offer, then you are in luck. Here at Firtree Building Services, we have been the go-to building company that has been trusted by hundreds of customers. The many years of experience we have acquired being the number one building company have truly set us apart from our competition. 

    In the case that you are certain that we are the building company for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced builders will have a conversation with you discussing your options, and they will also answer any enquiry you might have. Call us now on 0800 270 7764 or email us at and a member of our team will address your enquiry as soon as possible. We are excited to be working with you!